Muscle Activation

Activation Muscle Techniques

Muscular Activation Technique is a biomechanical process for correcting imbalances in the body. MAT is a system that involves looking at muscular weakness instead of muscular tightness that causes limits of range of motion in joints. MAT is a paradigm shift in how tightness is perceived. MAT identifies the weakened tissues and begins the process of correcting their inability to contract efficiently

Muscle ActvationMuscular Activation Technique
• Restores Alignment of joints
• Improves Function
• Relieves pain
• Increases Flexibility

Addressing the root cause, which is the muscular weakness and not the muscular tightness, corrects neurologic and joint function. Whether you’re an athlete, have old injuries, or want to more your bodies optimally MAT is a intriguing compliment to Chiropractic care. The result is you body feels and heals so much better!


Kim Brody

Kim Brody has a long history of helping clients rehab injuries, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance performance. After earning her Bachelor’s and Masters degree in Exercise Physiology in 1994, Kim began working with clients as a personal trainer in cardiac rehabilitation and corporate wellness.

When Kim heard about Muscular Activation Therapy, or MAT, met founder Greg Roskpf, she was immediately hooked. With a career already dedicated to helping clients perform an live their best, This new discipline seemed a perfect match for what Kim cares about most. Kim was the first certified MAT specialist in Ohio.

Kim works with everyone from pro-athletes to couch potatoes, small children to 90 year olds. She believes keeping people doing what they love to do, and improve the quality of life is what motivates her to do what she does.

In her free time, you can find Kim spending time with her family, husband, and two daughters, outdoors and is always active.


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