Please join us for a quarterly cleanse & cooking class series

We regularly schedule classes to help our patients and members of the community improve their lifestyle with tips on preparing foods, benefits of a cleanse, and ways to exercise to get the most out of life.  You can register below to get information on our upcoming events and on specials, we offer on vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The class is a great way to get healthy and make the transition to a greater state of well-being.  It also keeps you on the path to good health all year.  Think about how you really feel. Do you have weight issues, muscle or joint pain, headaches, high cholesterol, allergies, fatigue or disrupted sleep? Purification is merely the internal cleansing and detoxification of your body. Think of it as “a refresher” for your insides.

We review how to cook and shop to maintain a Low Glycemic Diet. America has been accustomed to a high carbohydrate diet. The reality is that the standard American diet should be called high carbohydrate and a low carbohydrate diet should be called the normal diet. Some experts speculate that approximately 90 percent of illness results from carbohydrate metabolism and difficulty. Now simply by eliminating certain simple, refined carbohydrates much of the cravings will go away.

The results are:


  • More energy
  • Less inflammation and cravings
  • Less food craving especially sugar

This eating will help manage, even be preventative for the 3 major illnesses facing modern day Americans;

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
Healthy Eating

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