Wellness begins with Functional Nutrition:

Functional Nutrition is a wellness approach to whole body health through recognizing that all aspects of lifestyle affect the underlying cause of disease. Through this whole-body system approach, we use innovative as well as many traditional assessments to personalize treatment plans for our patients.

This addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership

Nutritional Goals:

Our goal with nutritional care is to strengthen the whole person with special attention to the following aspects:

  • Eliminating food sensitivities – we recognize that sensitivities and allergies to foods can burden the body.
  • Change in diet – we aim to reduce inflammation and aid digestion to reduce stress in the gut and its microbiome.
  • Create balance – understanding what each individual’s body needs to balance the body systems such as the endocrine system etc.
  • Lifestyle modification and the addition of nutrients.
  • Emphasizing heart health – through monitoring of the hearts sounds, diet and exercise and nutrient intake.


How we use symptoms to your advantage:

Your body’s main purpose is to maintain balance and optimal health. A symptom is a sensation or change in the body’s normal functioning; signaling that is off balance. Body systems not functioning properly can often indicate underlying health challenges.

Many times specific symptoms appear that actually give us valuable information as to what your body needs. The key to achieving proper health is understanding and interpreting the signs and signals that are revealed. Many times these signs and signals can lead us to the root of many larger problems.

In our office we have a variety of methods for evaluating your health status on many levels. The nutritional exam and reviewing blood work us vital information that help to determine and support your specific health needs and goals.

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