How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for a Seasonal Transition

Autumn is at our doorstep! Soon, we'll be waving those long, lazy summer days goodbye so we can start winding down into the cooler, darker, shorter days of fall.

It's tempting to think that it's only the weather that shifts. But in reality, the transition of seasons has a profound impact on the health and rhythm of your body.

While Mother Nature may be slowing down a bit, many of us have to kick into what is typically a very busy season. For some, it's a return to school or work, which means hectic schedules and juggling between appointments and events. So a little extra self-care during this season goes a long way.

To help you out, here are 3 super-easy and practical ideas to help you prepare for the transition into this fall season.

1. Keep Your Normal Sleep Schedule

This can get a bit tough, especially as the days get shorter and your schedule gets fuller. But staying consistent with your sleep routines is key to keeping you in tip-top shape. Your body thrives on consistency, so the more you’re able to keep with your normal sleep pattern, the greater the benefits such as:

  • Falling asleep much more quickly
  • More consistent sleep with fewer nighttime interruptions
  • Higher quality your sleep overall

So when you can, go to bed and wake up around the same time with no more than an hour or so of variation.

2. Change Up Your Meals

Summertime is known for the beautiful fresh fruits and colorful vegetables. As the weather turns cooler, the growing season for fall kicks into high gear. You'll start to see more root vegetables and autumnal fruits popping up at your grocery store or local farmer's market.

Take full advantage of what this season offers by indulging in plenty of:

fall veggies: like sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, beets, and carrots

seasonal fruits: such as apples, grapes, cranberries, pomegranates, and yes, pumpkins

Fall is also the perfect season for getting in plenty of cleansing greens, so be sure to add kale, collards, and brussel sprouts to your shopping list too!

3. Lavish Your Skin

When the seasons change, your skin changes, too. As life shifts more indoors and you crank on the heater, your skin can start to dry out.

So, get ahead of that dry itchy skin by creating a hydration plan. Look for ways to drink more water and keep moisturizer on your skin. You can also increase your intake of healthy oils, such as olive oil and avocados, and consider adding a fish oil supplement to your daily supplement regimen.

Fall is Just Around the Corner

The fall season is a favorite for many… 

The sound of that first crackling fire.

The changing of the leaves.

A cup of piping hot chai in your favorite cozy sweater.

There's so much to love about fall. And with a little preparation, you'll be ready to head into this wonderful season feeling healthy, happy, and strong. Try out these tips to give you a head start.

Judy Gentner