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Armpit Detox: Why People Do it, How it Works & What the Science Says

I know what many of you are probably thinking… “Really? Another detox?”  I get it! From digital detoxes to cellular detoxes & juice cleanses, everyone seems to be talking about detoxing lately.  But an armpit detox?? Huh? Well, some people swear by it while others scough at it.  Let’s dig a little deeper and answer…
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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy No Matter the Season

All this cold weather can be brutal on your skin. But truth be told, winter isn’t the only season that can leave your skin feeling dry, chapped, or irritated. Your skin needs love and attention all year long – from the sunny days of summer to the cold days of winter. Keep on reading for…
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The Inside Scoop on How to Prevent Aging

It’s no secret that we all want the same thing when it has to do with our skin: we want to slow down any signs of aging. There are many factors which can cause our skin to lose its youthfulness, including father time. Some of these factors we obviously can’t control, but there are others…
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